Why We Love Emeralds

 Those fortunate souls born in the month of May aren't the only ones who treasure emeralds. In fact, emeralds have been cherished for thousands of years in many cultures all over the world. Just what makes emeralds so endearing to so many? Perhaps these enlightening facts about emeralds and those who have adored them will help explain the fascination.


That Mesmerizing Green

Emerald green is one of the most beloved colors in nature's bountiful color palette. The cool, crisp green tones of emeralds are among the world's most soothing colors. Thoughts of magical emerald green forests inhabited by fairies and elves come to mind. We can also picture enchanted pools of emerald green water hidden deep in lush Amazon jungles. Indeed, the cool green color of emeralds with their tropical blue undertones can mesmerize and calm the most hardened of souls.


Symbolism and Healing Properties

Emeralds are said to exude positive energy. They are also said to promote kindness, love and inner harmony. Since ancient times, emeralds have been associated with the messenger god Mercury. Therefore, in many cultures, they are believed to bring sailors and travelers good fortune. For centuries, people have also associated emeralds with, loyalty, faithfulness, eternal life and increased wisdom and fertility. The Romans thought emeralds invigorated the wearer's soul and kept the eyes healthy. Wearing emeralds has also long been thought to help cure fevers and insomnia, as well as strengthen the heart and immune system.


Famous Emerald Lovers

Cleopatra was so smitten with the gemstone that the ancient emerald mines by the Red Sea were named after her. Throughout her fascinating reign as Queen of Egypt, she adorned herself and her clothing with countless emeralds. Elizabeth Taylor's amazing jewelry collection included an amazing emerald and diamond necklace presented to her by Richard Burton. Fittingly, he gave it to her while they were filming the movie Cleopatra. President Kennedy presented his wife Jackie with a gorgeous emerald engagement ring. The latest celebrity to wear emeralds and create a fashion sensation is Angelina Jolie. She wore a stunning, huge pair of pear-shaped emerald earrings to the Oscars in 2009. Consequently, absolutely breathtaking emerald jewelry has been showing up on the red carpet ever since.

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