The Age-Old Allure of Stackable Bracelets

Long ago in ancient Egypt, the daughters of the Nile adorned their arms with stacks of mesmerizing metal bracelets that glistened under the golden desert sun. Today, thousands of years later, we still adore this stunning look. We gaze with admiration at A-list celebrities as they strut down the red carpet, waving arms embellished with stacks of glittering bracelets. We just can't be without our stylish stackables. Whether we are dressed for a night out on the town or dressed for a casual stroll in the park, our stackable bracelets are must-have accessories.


Classic stackable bracelets are called bangle bracelets. They are typically made of thin metal bands and are worn in groups of three or more at a time. Stackable bangle bracelets make perfect first pieces for any jewelry collection because they are so versatile. You can wear them with a t-shirt and jeans on a day trip to the zoo. Or, you can wear them with an evening gown to a formal dance with a special date. You can mix and match endless beautiful combinations of shimmering metallic gold, silver and copper tones. Your versatile bangle bracelets need not be just plain metal. You can have them embellished with hammered patterns, lovely gems and engravings, as well.


The combination of metals and embellishments you can choose for your stackable bracelets are limited only by your imagination. Gold filled stackable bangles add a touch of sophistication to the classic look of bangle bracelets. You will definitely turn heads with artisan created, rose gold filled bangles. Perhaps you will even have them adorned with the reddest rubies or exquisite gold filled beads. Perhaps you'll choose a mixed set of hammered copper bangles in fire-kissed tones of brown, burnt sienna and terracotta to help ease your arthritis pain. Or picture yourself wearing a glistening set of sterling silver stackable bracelets adorned with dew-kissed moonstones.


No matter what look you choose, you will smile with satisfaction as your lovely bangle bracelets klink playfully against each other with your every movement. You deserve to treat yourself to the look of hand-crafted stackable bracelets made just for you. Like the daughters of the ancient Nile, you will be proud to wear these unique treasures for the rest of your life.

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