The Perfect Colored Gemstones for Fall 2012 Fashions

This fall’s exciting fashion color palette features dark brown and burgundy hues. It also features gold, grey, nude shades with rosy undertones, bright orange and chartreuse. Some unexpected shades are bright blue, lavender, emerald green and hot pink. What gemstone jewelry will go best with this diverse color palette? The best and most versatile choices are as follows:

Opals and pearls:

What jewelry should be worn to compliment the rich dark brown and burgundy shades offered in the fall 2012 fashion line-up? Your best bet for a stunning ensemble is to accent these deep shades with opals or pearls or both when you select your complimentary jewelry. You needn’t just stick to traditional white pearls, either. Pink pearls look absolutely stunning with both chocolate and wine-colored ensembles.

Black, green and blue diamonds:

 Diamonds aren’t cheap but you will get the biggest bang for your buck over the entire fall fashion palette with colored diamonds this year. Black diamonds and other black jewelry like onyx and jet beads will look smashing against every fall 2012 color but the dark brown and burgundy shades. Likewise, green and blue diamonds and like-colored jewelry will also accent every 2012 fall fashion color but the dark shades. You will be the talk of the town if you accent your fall wardrobe with black, green and blue diamond jewelry this fall!

Chrome diopside:

Lovely, exotic chrome diopside, a lovely forest green gemstone, is another great gemstone choice for your fall 2012 wardrobe and will accent the entire fall fashion palette except for the dark browns and burgundies. Chrome diopside jewelry will look especially enchanting against the warmer shades like hot pink, bright orange, gold and chartreuse. Chrome diopside will also look striking against the rosy nude shades.

Amethyst and mystic topaz:

Amethyst and mystic topaz jewelry will enhance the fall 2012 fashion palette with their royal hues of purple and in the case of mystic topaz, a rainbow splash of green iridescence. These two gemstones will look especially luscious with chartreuse, grey, and lavender. They will also make a memorable splash with bright orange, gold and hot pink.


Whether you love the golden or orange shades of citrine, this gemstone is another must have accent for the fall 2012 fashion palette. Shades of citrine will turn heads when worn with this fall’s dark browns, hot pinks and bright oranges. They will also be captivating on the bright blues and lavenders.
Be sure to accent your fall 2012 wardrobe with gemstone jewelry. Black, green and blue diamonds will be a big hit. Opals and pink pearls will make others swoon when worn with this fall’s dark browns and burgundies. Amethyst, mystic topaz and citrine will also make stunning gemstone accents to this fall’s diverse fashion color palette.

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