A Guide to Rose Gold Jewelry

solid 14k rose gold beaded / dotted stackable ringRose gold was popular in nineteenth century England during the Victoria era. The color is soft pinkish-red with a warm glow. This lovely gold alloy is made from a mixture of pure gold, copper and a small amount of other metals, which creates the well-known romantic color. Rose gold was used by Victorian jewelers both in solid gold karat jewelry and in rolled gold, a predecessor to gold filled jewelry. It was such a popular color for gold jewelry and even the common people clamored for gold rings, brooches, rose gold chains and watch fobs in this color. Because karat gold and even rolled gold was too expensive for some people, various other inexpensive metal alloys were made to copy the look and feel of rose gold such as pinchbeck and tombak. 

Rose gold has made a comeback and is once again in style. Many jewelry designers create beautiful pieces from this gold alloy including women's rings, gold rope chains and reproductions of antique jewelry. Additionally, if you like true antiques, you can search antique malls and stores, for the original pieces that are more than 100 years old. Many antique jewelry items are not solid karat gold, rather made of rolled rose gold. If you are a collector, you may find items made in pinchbeck -- now considered a rare find, or in tombak -- set with Bohemian cut garnets. Both alloys date from the latter half of the 19th century. These alloys are no longer produced today, and antique jewelry made from either of them are highly collectible and very valuable. Collectors of antique pocket watches will be pleased to know that many of these lovely items were made from rose gold or rose gold alloys.

Fine jewelers design and sell rose gold jewelry in karat gold. If you love antique jewelry, you can find antique earrings, rings, pins, lockets and other sentimental items at estate sales, antique malls, antique shows and even at the occasional flea market. If you are unsure if what you find is rose gold, the easiest way to check is to hold the item up to other pieces of gold jewelry and check the color. If it is rose gold, it will have that characteristic pinkish color.

Rose gold jewelry is flattering for most women’s skin tones. It has a soft, ethereal glow and harkens back to the romantic past of the Victorian era. Both antique and contemporary rose gold items make wonderful gifts and excellent investments. You can find both 14k solid rose (pink) and 14k rose gold filled stackable / wedding rings on website. Each of my rings is custom made for YOU!

Nadina Giurgiu :)

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