Heavenly Blue Celestite

Don't you just love the lazy days of summer? The trees wave gently in the breeze against that peaceful, blue summer sky dotted with cotton-puff clouds. There is a mesmerizing gemstone that is sure to remind you of summer's tranquil skies. It is known as blue celestite or blue celestine. The word "celestite" is fittingly derived from the Latin word for heaven. It is one of my very favorite gemstones for the following reasons:

Mesmerizing Color
Blue celestite is a soft, translucent shade of baby blue.  The moment your eyes come to rest upon it, a peaceful, harmonious state comes over you. It is a soft yet cheerful blue, invoking calm and balance.  It is the color of a crystal clear, blue brook that babbles through the woods and at last spills over ancient rocks into to the ocean. It is the color of blue ice slowly melting in the sun. Baby blue celestite is so soothing; you could easily curl up and take a nap wrapped in a blanket of the same lovely pastel color.

Crystal Powers
As with all minerals in crystal form, blue celestite has purported powers. It is said to reveal and boost any hidden psychic abilities you may possess.  It can improve concentration and meditation. It gives you power to remember dreams and foretell the future. It improves emotional health, gives off positive energy and provides a medium through which to channel your guardian angel and other angels. Blue celestite also promotes patience, serenity and healing. It gently eradicates negative energy and dissipates anger. It promotes lung health and aids with breathing by purifying the environment around you.

Blue celestite is an extremely soft gemstone. It can be easily scratched by glass and contact with other sharp materials. It is only a 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10), so it should be worn in protected pieces of jewelry. Protected pieces include rings with low profiles, pendants and earrings. They are less likely to come in contact with items that could damage them.

Where Found
Celestite was first discovered in the United States near Frankstown, Pennsylvania in 1791--just 15 years after the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The most desirable blue celestite still comes from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York State although it is found in other states, as well. Outside of the United States, the most sought after blue celestite hails from Madagascar. It is also mined in many other areas of the globe including Poland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico and Libya.
Contact me today at www.facebook.com/stackablerings to commission a one-of-a-kind, artisan piece of jewelry featuring blue celestite.  Who knows what latent powers of prophesy and communication with angels it may unleash in you! No matter what, you will be wearing a beautiful gemstone that will calm and please you. And you will be sure to receive many compliments on its heavenly shade of blue!

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