What Goes Into Every Piece of Nadine's Jewelry

The world of Nadine Jewelry is a very special place. All of the extraordinary jewelry under this unique label is created by talented artisan jeweler, Nadine Giurgiu. Each piece is made individually in Nadine's home studio in the Netherlands. She is the sole proprietor, designer, creator and curator of this fresh and eclectic brand.

Nadine taught herself the art of jewelry making. Sitting at her jeweler's bench beneath a sunny window in her studio, she is happy to tell us about her motivation:
 "I wake up each morning and I am inspired anew to make beautiful jewelry for women everywhere."
It is obvious that she pours her heart and soul into every piece of jewelry she creates. And she meticulously handcrafts each piece individually, so no two items are ever identical.

Nadine wasn't always a jewelry artisan. But from the moment she discovered her calling, she never looked back. She explains it best:

"One day I discovered gemstones, sterling silver and gold filled wire, metal sheet and I begun experimenting with them and immediately fell in love with jewelry making. I wanted to know everything there was to know and so began my rebirth, because words and thoughts became shapes and expressions through metal and gems. My jewelry work is hand-formed, hand-soldered and I am very passionate about my craft."

Nadine is a great nature lover and cherishes the earth and its bounty. All of the materials she uses are eco-friendly. She works with precious gemstones and recycled gold and silver from reputable companies she has dealt with for many years. She draws creative inspiration for all of her designs from her world travels. She is grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to travel so extensively during her lifetime. It is something she still enjoys immensely. It also serves as a platform to introduce her beautiful jewelry to new markets across the globe.

Some of her most sought-after artisan designs include 14K gold filled yellow or rose gold stackable, hand-wrought bangle bracelets and rings (no two are identical). Her rustic, riveted rings are also very popular.  She can stamp these with favorite symbols like hearts, flowers and initials. She also receives numerous requests for personalized mothers' rings and unique engagement rings with exotic gemstones. Once you place your order, Nadine strives to create your jewelry within ten business days. She will also accommodate rush requests, if possible.

All of Nadine's jewelry is created to last a lifetime. Her warranty statement is as follows:  "If you have any problem with something purchased from me, as long as the damage is not due to intentional abuse, my warranty covers the repairs. Just contact me and be ready to pay the low shipping both ways - I cover the rest. It's as simple as that."   

Her business keeps her busy and fulfilled. Nadine is a one woman show, doing everything from design, creation, photography and web site updates to packaging, shipping and customer service. It is something she takes great pride in. She currently ships her breathtaking jewelry creations from Germany to locations all over the world. You can purchase her gorgeous jewelry in a number of online venues, including facebook.com/stackablerings, nadinejewelry.com, nadinagiurgiu.com . She also sells her jewelry at a few exclusive brick and mortar shops, in germany. Be sure to check out her beautiful jewelry. You will want to get your order in right away!

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Heavenly Blue Celestite

Don't you just love the lazy days of summer? The trees wave gently in the breeze against that peaceful, blue summer sky dotted with cotton-puff clouds. There is a mesmerizing gemstone that is sure to remind you of summer's tranquil skies. It is known as blue celestite or blue celestine. The word "celestite" is fittingly derived from the Latin word for heaven. It is one of my very favorite gemstones for the following reasons:

Mesmerizing Color
Blue celestite is a soft, translucent shade of baby blue.  The moment your eyes come to rest upon it, a peaceful, harmonious state comes over you. It is a soft yet cheerful blue, invoking calm and balance.  It is the color of a crystal clear, blue brook that babbles through the woods and at last spills over ancient rocks into to the ocean. It is the color of blue ice slowly melting in the sun. Baby blue celestite is so soothing; you could easily curl up and take a nap wrapped in a blanket of the same lovely pastel color.

Crystal Powers
As with all minerals in crystal form, blue celestite has purported powers. It is said to reveal and boost any hidden psychic abilities you may possess.  It can improve concentration and meditation. It gives you power to remember dreams and foretell the future. It improves emotional health, gives off positive energy and provides a medium through which to channel your guardian angel and other angels. Blue celestite also promotes patience, serenity and healing. It gently eradicates negative energy and dissipates anger. It promotes lung health and aids with breathing by purifying the environment around you.

Blue celestite is an extremely soft gemstone. It can be easily scratched by glass and contact with other sharp materials. It is only a 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10), so it should be worn in protected pieces of jewelry. Protected pieces include rings with low profiles, pendants and earrings. They are less likely to come in contact with items that could damage them.

Where Found
Celestite was first discovered in the United States near Frankstown, Pennsylvania in 1791--just 15 years after the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The most desirable blue celestite still comes from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York State although it is found in other states, as well. Outside of the United States, the most sought after blue celestite hails from Madagascar. It is also mined in many other areas of the globe including Poland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico and Libya.
Contact me today at www.facebook.com/stackablerings to commission a one-of-a-kind, artisan piece of jewelry featuring blue celestite.  Who knows what latent powers of prophesy and communication with angels it may unleash in you! No matter what, you will be wearing a beautiful gemstone that will calm and please you. And you will be sure to receive many compliments on its heavenly shade of blue!

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Artisan Jewelry is a Graduation Gift They Will Always Treasure

It's spring time in the Northern Hemisphere. Baby birds are chirping in their nests. Soon, they will fly off to explore the world on their own. In many households, children are getting ready for a similar journey. The months of May and June signal graduation time in many countries across the globe. Graduation from high school or university marks an exciting milestone. It is a moment every parent is proud of. And often, it is one of the most celebrated events of a lifetime. Such a memorable occasion calls for a very special gift. Celebrate this life-changing occasion with a gift of artisan jewelry.


Upon graduation, your child will become more independent. Important decisions will need to be made without you. It can be a scary time for both you and your child! Give your graduate a band engraved with a comforting message about life's journey. This hand crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry will be cherished and worn for a life time. It will be a constant reminder of your love and wisdom. It will guide and nurture your graduate when you can't be there.


Picture your newly graduated son wearing an artisan band of silver, specially commissioned by you and engraved with the message, "I Believe in You" or "Chase Your Dreams." Or, picture your daughter upon graduation wearing a lovely handmade set of gold filled bangle bracelets. Bracelets that you've had engraved with special words like, "Love, Live, Enjoy, Remember." Even the words, "I'm So Proud of You" will be forever appreciated!


This highly personal graduation gift will always be there when you are not able to speak face to face or by phone. In the years to come, your graduate will picture you saying the special message that you've had engraved countless times. It will be as if you have never left your child's side. It's not too late to order a special piece of artisan jewelry for your graduate to treasure for a lifetime.

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Why We Love Emeralds

 Those fortunate souls born in the month of May aren't the only ones who treasure emeralds. In fact, emeralds have been cherished for thousands of years in many cultures all over the world. Just what makes emeralds so endearing to so many? Perhaps these enlightening facts about emeralds and those who have adored them will help explain the fascination.


That Mesmerizing Green

Emerald green is one of the most beloved colors in nature's bountiful color palette. The cool, crisp green tones of emeralds are among the world's most soothing colors. Thoughts of magical emerald green forests inhabited by fairies and elves come to mind. We can also picture enchanted pools of emerald green water hidden deep in lush Amazon jungles. Indeed, the cool green color of emeralds with their tropical blue undertones can mesmerize and calm the most hardened of souls.


Symbolism and Healing Properties

Emeralds are said to exude positive energy. They are also said to promote kindness, love and inner harmony. Since ancient times, emeralds have been associated with the messenger god Mercury. Therefore, in many cultures, they are believed to bring sailors and travelers good fortune. For centuries, people have also associated emeralds with, loyalty, faithfulness, eternal life and increased wisdom and fertility. The Romans thought emeralds invigorated the wearer's soul and kept the eyes healthy. Wearing emeralds has also long been thought to help cure fevers and insomnia, as well as strengthen the heart and immune system.


Famous Emerald Lovers

Cleopatra was so smitten with the gemstone that the ancient emerald mines by the Red Sea were named after her. Throughout her fascinating reign as Queen of Egypt, she adorned herself and her clothing with countless emeralds. Elizabeth Taylor's amazing jewelry collection included an amazing emerald and diamond necklace presented to her by Richard Burton. Fittingly, he gave it to her while they were filming the movie Cleopatra. President Kennedy presented his wife Jackie with a gorgeous emerald engagement ring. The latest celebrity to wear emeralds and create a fashion sensation is Angelina Jolie. She wore a stunning, huge pair of pear-shaped emerald earrings to the Oscars in 2009. Consequently, absolutely breathtaking emerald jewelry has been showing up on the red carpet ever since.

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The Age-Old Allure of Stackable Bracelets

Long ago in ancient Egypt, the daughters of the Nile adorned their arms with stacks of mesmerizing metal bracelets that glistened under the golden desert sun. Today, thousands of years later, we still adore this stunning look. We gaze with admiration at A-list celebrities as they strut down the red carpet, waving arms embellished with stacks of glittering bracelets. We just can't be without our stylish stackables. Whether we are dressed for a night out on the town or dressed for a casual stroll in the park, our stackable bracelets are must-have accessories.


Classic stackable bracelets are called bangle bracelets. They are typically made of thin metal bands and are worn in groups of three or more at a time. Stackable bangle bracelets make perfect first pieces for any jewelry collection because they are so versatile. You can wear them with a t-shirt and jeans on a day trip to the zoo. Or, you can wear them with an evening gown to a formal dance with a special date. You can mix and match endless beautiful combinations of shimmering metallic gold, silver and copper tones. Your versatile bangle bracelets need not be just plain metal. You can have them embellished with hammered patterns, lovely gems and engravings, as well.


The combination of metals and embellishments you can choose for your stackable bracelets are limited only by your imagination. Gold filled stackable bangles add a touch of sophistication to the classic look of bangle bracelets. You will definitely turn heads with artisan created, rose gold filled bangles. Perhaps you will even have them adorned with the reddest rubies or exquisite gold filled beads. Perhaps you'll choose a mixed set of hammered copper bangles in fire-kissed tones of brown, burnt sienna and terracotta to help ease your arthritis pain. Or picture yourself wearing a glistening set of sterling silver stackable bracelets adorned with dew-kissed moonstones.


No matter what look you choose, you will smile with satisfaction as your lovely bangle bracelets klink playfully against each other with your every movement. You deserve to treat yourself to the look of hand-crafted stackable bracelets made just for you. Like the daughters of the ancient Nile, you will be proud to wear these unique treasures for the rest of your life. 



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Why Artisan Jewelry is the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

mothers day birthstone ringsYou share a special bond like no other with your mother. She has always provided you with the necessities: food, water and clothing. Above and beyond the basics, she has always been your biggest cheerleader and confidant. She has provided you with a safe haven whenever life gets too tough.  No matter what you have done, she has always provided love and support. You will never be able to repay her for the time and energy she has given toward enriching your life. But you can provide her with a very special token of your affection -- artisan jewelry -- hand crafted pieces as unique and special as she is to you.


In many countries of the world, Mother's Day is celebrated during the month of May, which will be here in the blink of an eye. What better way to honor your mother than by presenting her with a precious one-of-a-kind gift of artisan jewelry this Mother's Day? It will show her you think she is as unique and special as the jewelry you have so carefully selected for her. Yes, you can personalize mass-produced mother's jewelry by selecting birthstones of you and your siblings for it. But that kind of mother's jewelry is not a truly unique expression of your love.


Artisan jewelry is as individual and unique as its creator. No two pieces are ever identical, since this inspired jewelry is made by hand. Imagine the gasp of joy you will receive from your mother when you choose to give her a genuine gold-filled, personalized artisan jewelry gift with real gemstones? She will absolutely love it! And by choosing gold-filled jewelry, you will be giving her a quality piece that will be more durable than solid gold at a surprisingly affordable price.


This mother's day, let your mother know your love for her is boundless. Just like the love she has shown you your entire life. Let her know she is as special as the one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewelry you have had created just for her. Make sure you sit back and watch her precious smile and tears of joy when she receives your wonderful Mother's Day gift.


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The Perfect Colored Gemstones for Fall 2012 Fashions

This fall’s exciting fashion color palette features dark brown and burgundy hues. It also features gold, grey, nude shades with rosy undertones, bright orange and chartreuse. Some unexpected shades are bright blue, lavender, emerald green and hot pink. What gemstone jewelry will go best with this diverse color palette? The best and most versatile choices are as follows:

Opals and pearls:

What jewelry should be worn to compliment the rich dark brown and burgundy shades offered in the fall 2012 fashion line-up? Your best bet for a stunning ensemble is to accent these deep shades with opals or pearls or both when you select your complimentary jewelry. You needn’t just stick to traditional white pearls, either. Pink pearls look absolutely stunning with both chocolate and wine-colored ensembles.

Black, green and blue diamonds:

 Diamonds aren’t cheap but you will get the biggest bang for your buck over the entire fall fashion palette with colored diamonds this year. Black diamonds and other black jewelry like onyx and jet beads will look smashing against every fall 2012 color but the dark brown and burgundy shades. Likewise, green and blue diamonds and like-colored jewelry will also accent every 2012 fall fashion color but the dark shades. You will be the talk of the town if you accent your fall wardrobe with black, green and blue diamond jewelry this fall!

Chrome diopside:

Lovely, exotic chrome diopside, a lovely forest green gemstone, is another great gemstone choice for your fall 2012 wardrobe and will accent the entire fall fashion palette except for the dark browns and burgundies. Chrome diopside jewelry will look especially enchanting against the warmer shades like hot pink, bright orange, gold and chartreuse. Chrome diopside will also look striking against the rosy nude shades.

Amethyst and mystic topaz:

Amethyst and mystic topaz jewelry will enhance the fall 2012 fashion palette with their royal hues of purple and in the case of mystic topaz, a rainbow splash of green iridescence. These two gemstones will look especially luscious with chartreuse, grey, and lavender. They will also make a memorable splash with bright orange, gold and hot pink.


Whether you love the golden or orange shades of citrine, this gemstone is another must have accent for the fall 2012 fashion palette. Shades of citrine will turn heads when worn with this fall’s dark browns, hot pinks and bright oranges. They will also be captivating on the bright blues and lavenders.
Be sure to accent your fall 2012 wardrobe with gemstone jewelry. Black, green and blue diamonds will be a big hit. Opals and pink pearls will make others swoon when worn with this fall’s dark browns and burgundies. Amethyst, mystic topaz and citrine will also make stunning gemstone accents to this fall’s diverse fashion color palette.

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Captivating Gemstone Alternatives to Emerald

Emeralds, from the lush greens of a rainforest canopy to the blue-green hues of Caribbean waters, are considered to be one of three most coveted colored gemstones in the world. (Sapphires and rubies are the other two gemstones in this prestigious group.) For centuries, the most beautiful emeralds in the world were known to come from Columbia. They are also mined extensively in Brazil, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Emeralds are fairly hard, commanding a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10), so they are suitable for gemstone jewelry that will be worn on a daily basis. Emeralds are typically filled with resin or oil. Sometimes they can also be dyed or stained. If you are fond of these regal green gemstones you will be equally mesmerized by the following captivating alternatives:

1.    Chrome Diopside  
If you love dark green emeralds, chrome diopside is the alternative gemstone for you. The most prized hue is a deep forest green color with fiery yellow undertones. This coveted variety comes from Siberia. Chrome diopside has a Mohs hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5 so it is susceptible to scratches. If you are going to wear chrome diopside frequently, choose to purchase it in pendants or earrings rather than bracelets or rings. Pendants and earrings tend to see less wear. Chrome diopside has few if any natural inclusions and therefore does not need to be treated to enhance its attributes.

2.    Chrome Tourmaline
Chrome Tourmaline is also great alternative gemstone for those who love dark green emeralds. It is a deep green with muted moss-green or neon-green undertones, unlike the yellow undertones of chrome diopside.  It comes from Tanzania. Chrome tourmaline has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5 so it is suitable for everyday wear. Like chrome diopside, it does not need to be treated to enhance its attributes.

3.    Tsavorite Garnet
Tsavorite garnet hails from Kenya, Tanzania and Pakistan. It is forest green in color. Like chrome diopside and chrome tourmaline, it can have yellow or moss green undertones. The most prized tsavorite garnets have blue-green undertones. These tsavorite garnets will captivate those who love emeralds with the same blue-green hue. Tsavorite garnet has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5, making it suitable for everyday wear. It does not need to be enhanced with treatments.

4.    Green Apatite  
Green Apatite is found worldwide but notable sources of gem-quality stone are found in Russia, Brazil and Madagascar. It is a lovely medium green color with light silver-green undertones. If you prefer light green emeralds, you will like green apatite. Apatite has a Mohs hardness rating of 5, so care must be taken not to scratch it. Therefore, it is a prudent choice for pendants and earrings because these pieces typically see less wear than bracelets or rings. Green apatite does not need to be treated to enhance its attributes.
If you love the majestic green hues of emeralds, consider adding some captivating alternative gemstones to your collection. Chrome diopside and chrome tourmaline are gorgeous gemstones that could pass for emeralds with their rich green hues. Tsavorite garnets and green apatite are also lovely alternatives to emeralds that you might find captivating.

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Captivating Gemstone Alternatives to Sapphire

sapphire engagement ringFiery blue sapphires are considered to be one of three most coveted colored gemstones in the world. (Emeralds and rubies are the other two gemstones in this prestigious group.) The most beautiful royal blue sapphires in the world have come from the Asian region of Kashmir for centuries. Kashmir sapphires command thousands of dollars per carat. Additional deposits of blue sapphires are found worldwide. However, they are mined extensively in Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia and Cambodia. Sapphires are extremely hard, commanding a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10), so they make a great choice for gemstone jewelry that will be worn on a daily basis. Blue sapphires are typically heat treated to improve color. If you are fond of these heavenly blue gemstones you will be equally mesmerized by the following captivating alternatives:
1.    Kyanite  
If you dream of luscious, bright blue Kashmir sapphires, kyanite is the affordable alternative gemstone for you. The lovely blue variety of kyanite is mined extensively in Brazil and Nepal. Occasionally, kyanite is oil or resin filled. However, be forewarned that kyanite has a Mohs hardness rating of 5.5 to 7, so it is much softer than sapphire and is therefore susceptible to scratches. It is prudent to look for kyanite in earrings or pendants. These pieces typically incur less wear than bracelets or rings.
2.    Blue Spinel
The most coveted blue spinel is found in shades of rich cobalt blue. Like kyanite, these exceptional blue spinel gemstones are sure to invoke visions of fine Kashmir sapphires. Blue spinel is mined extensively in Tanzania, Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 8 so it is almost as durable in jewelry as sapphire. In addition, blue spinel is typically not enhanced by any gemstone treatment methods.  

3.    Iolite  
If you are fond of deeper blue sapphires, iolite is the alternative gemstone for you. Iolite is the same shade as Concord grapes, a dark midnight blue color with deep purple undertones. It is found worldwide but it is mined extensively in India, Brazil, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Iolite has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5. It does not need any enhancing treatments.

4.    London Blue Topaz
If you like dark blue sapphires, London blue topaz is the alternative gemstone for you. It is a mysterious midnight blue color with grayish undertones. London blue topaz has a Mohs hardness rating of 8 and is created by irradiating white topaz. Most of the rough gemstone used in creating London blue topaz is mined in Brazil and Sri Lanka.
If you are mesmerized by the dreamy blue hues of sapphires, consider adding some captivating alternative gemstones to your collection. Kyanite and blue spinel are gorgeous gemstones that could pass for sapphires with their fiery blue hues. Iolite and London blue topaz are lovely alternatives to sapphires with darker hues that you might also find enchanting.

Nadina Giurgiu:)

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Captivating Gemstone Alternatives to Ruby

Stackable ruby gemstone ringRubies are a luscious pinkish-red to crimson in color.  They are considered to be one of three most coveted colored gemstones in the world. (Sapphires and emeralds are the other two gemstones in this prestigious group.) For centuries, the most desirable rubies in the world have come from Myanmar, previously known as Burma. They are also mined in many other parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Madagascar and Tanzania. Rubies are extremely hard, commanding a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10), so they make a great choice for gemstone jewelry that will be worn on a regular basis. Rubies are typically heat treated to improve color or filled with epoxy pigment fillers. If you are fond of these sumptuous red gemstones, you will be equally mesmerized by the following captivating alternatives:

1.    Red Spinel
Red spinel is found in shades of rich red wine to crimson and has been mistaken for ruby throughout history. The highest quality red spinel comes from Myanmar, formerly known as the country of Burma. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 8 so it is almost as durable in jewelry as ruby. If you love rubies, but don’t want to pay as high a price per carat, red spinel is for you.

2.    Red Tourmaline
Red tourmaline is typically referred to by its trade name, “Rubellite.”  It is found in stunning shades of transparent fuchsia. Rubellite hails from Nigeria, Mozambique, Brazil, Afghanistan and Madagascar.  It has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5. Rubellite can be heated or irradiated to intensify color and sometimes can be treated with fillers. If you like rubies with a pinkish-purple hue, rubellite is the alternative gemstone for you.

3.    Rhodolite
Rhodolite is a gorgeous deep pink with purple undertones. It is a member of the garnet family. Rhodolite is found in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 to 7.5. Rhodolite is a great alternative for ruby lovers that don’t want the maintenance of rubies because it is not enhanced by any gemstone treatment methods.  

4.    Bixbite
Bixbite is a striking pinkish-red transparent gemstone with cool violet undertones, so it could easily pass for ruby. Bixbite is a red variety of beryl found so far only in the state of Utah in North America. According to Classic Gems.net, it is one of the rarest gemstones on earth. Bixbite has a Mohs hardness rating of 7.5 to 8.  Like ruby, bixbite has numerous natural inclusions and can be treated with oil or resin filler. If you are looking for a unique alternative to ruby that few people have ever heard of, bixbite is your gemstone.
If you love the rich pinkish-red hues of rubies, consider adding some captivating alternative gemstones to your collection. Red tourmaline or rubellite as it is known in the jewelry trade, and red spinel are gorgeous gemstones that could pass for rubies with their rich pinkish-red hues. Rhodolite garnets and bixbite are also lovely alternatives to rubies that you might find equally captivating.


Please visit my store for a fine selection of gemstone stackable rings,

Thank you,

Nadina Giurgiu:)

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