About Nadine Giurgiu

 I am an artist who tries to express myself through metal and gemstones what I see and feel in my   head and my heart in the hopes that someone may see something of mine that they like, and desire to own and possibly wear. To me, that is the greatest compliment any artist can receive, regardless of the medium! One day I discovered gemstones, sterling silver/gold filled wire, metal sheet and I begun experimenting with them and immediately fell in love with jewelry making. I wanted to know everything there was to know and so began my rebirth, because words and thoughts became shapes and expressions through metal and gems. My jewelry work is hand-formed, hand-soldered and I am very passionate about my craft. I was fortunate enough to be given the advantage of extensive travel throughout my life, which gave essences to my creativity. I am currently shipping from Germany. I HAVE SOLD WORLDWIDE, AND ENJOY IT GREATLY:)



Rustic, Earthy, Eco Friendly jewelry

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What Goes Into Every Piece of Nadine's Jewelry

The world of Nadine Jewelry is a very special place. All of the extraordinary jewelry under this unique label is created by talented artisan jeweler, Nadine Giurgiu. Each piece is made individually in Nadine's home studio in the Netherlands. She is the sole proprietor, designer, creator and curator of this fresh and eclectic brand. Nadine taught herself the art of jewelry making. Sitting at her jeweler's bench beneath a sunny window in...

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Heavenly Blue Celestite

Don't you just love the lazy days of summer? The trees wave gently in the breeze against that peaceful, blue summer sky dotted with cotton-puff clouds. There is a mesmerizing gemstone that is sure to remind you of summer's tranquil skies. It is known as blue celestite or blue celestine. The word "celestite" is fittingly derived from the Latin word for heaven. It is one of my very favorite gemstones for the...

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14k rose gold filled and sterling silver hammered stackable rings

You love being able to stack  rings in any random order and changing the order...

Details $135.00

14k Rose Gold Filled Stackable Citrine November Birthstone Ring

I love the simplicity of this everyday ring. An intense, lovely tawny gold 8 mm face...

Details $100.00

14k Rose recycled goldfilled Garnet beaded / dotted stackable ring

 A 14k rose goldfill ring with a natural garnet set in a 14k rose gold filled b...

Details $90.00

Details $90.00

Aquamarine & Ruby Stackable Mothers Rings - Stackable Birthstone Rings

Milky Aquamarine & Ruby Stacking Mothers rings - Personalized Jewelry - Gemstone...

Details $180.00

Birthstone Rings Set Rose Cut London Blue Topaz Amethyst February Birthstone Ring, Stackable Rings

A dotted, smooth, hand hammered set of 7 sterling silver stacking rings that include...

Details $180.00

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